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Playing with Chronic Disease & Disability (Type 1 Diabetes, Sickle Cell Trait, Paralympics, etc.)


Julia’s Journey: An Athlete’s Run with T1D

Julia Arnold is from Valparaiso, IN – a small community located in northwest Indiana not too far outside of Chicago. Julia is an active 10th grader who is a very dedicated runner, helping lead her school’s cross country and track-and-field teams while managing the day to day challenges of T1D. We have an outstanding show for you today shining a spotlight on an in depth look of Julia’s personal Journey: An Athlete’s Run with T1D.

Type 1 Diabetes Basics with Dr. Kurt Griffin

In this podcast, we will discuss some basics of Type 1 Diabetes and exercise. What we are going to discuss today may seem very basic to some; however, it is very important for those just learning to live with T1D or who may be coaching someone for the first time and would like a better understanding of how to manage one of their athletes with T1D. Why is it important to manage your T1D? How do you participate safely in sports? And what emergencies might occur and how should kids and guardians (be it parents, coaches, administrators) respond.


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Concussion: Not Just a Football Injury


Anyone Can Save a Life Emergency Action Planning Program (The Anyone Can Save A Life program was originally developed and released in 2008 as a joint effort of the Minnesota State High School League and the Medtronic Foundation. This updated national version is designed to be a turn-key solution for any school wishing to implement an emergency action program for after-school practices and events.)

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Softball players


Proper Hydration Is Essential For Effective Athletic Performance

Concussion: Not Just a Football Injury

Early Specialization in Youth Sports Can Increase Risk for Overuse Injuries

Sleep Your Way to Success

My Knees are at Risk…Because I’m a Girl


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