Healthy Youth Sports App



The National Youth Sports Health & Safety Institute launched an app (NYSHSI Healthy Youth Sports) that’s been designed to educate and creatively engage youth and adults who are interested in youth sports, health and safety. NYSHSI innovatively enhances and expands the user’s real-time experience and engagement, while making youth sports more fun, healthy and safe. The app provides important information, allowing users to exchange groundbreaking ideas and best practices, as well as global networking opportunities with youth sports stakeholders (parents, athletes, coaches, administrators, sports governing bodies, clubs/organizations and industry).

We’re an organization that cares about sports, your kids and making sure they have the most enjoyable sports experience! Just think of us asYOUR coach! With the NYSHSI Healthy Youth Sports app you can find everything you need to assist you in navigating your child’s healthy journey through sports. With the app it’s easy! You can enjoy informative interviews from youth sports safety guru, Dr. Mike; access resources, getting everything you need to know to help guide your child through their developmental years; and the great thing is whether you’re a Parent, Coach, or Athlete, you can engage in real-time conversations with others who have the same passions and interests as you… NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE! The NYSHSI Healthy Youth Sports App has just made your world A LOT SMALLER – and SMARTER! We look forward to you joining our team!

The NYSHSI Healthy Youth Sports app is available as a FREE download through the App Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android).