NYSHSI Best Practices Partner

    Thank you for your interest in becoming an NYSHSI Best Practices Partner. The information you provide us is confidential and will help us serve you better. Information provided will not be released without your permission.
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    To receive your NYSHSI Best Practices Partner certificate, complete the following checklist and click submit.

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    As a youth sports organization committed to safe and healthy youth athlete development and participation, we agree to (click on each square)
      Provide annual education to all coaches (combination of face to face, timely and up-to-date handouts and other materials, and/or recognized internet-based education)
    Basic minimum information
    • Pedagogy (strategies for teaching youth)
    • Changes and challenges related to youth athlete growth and development
    • Hydration, nutrition, heat safety, rest and recovery, and the importance of sleep
    • Basic injury care/management, including the importance of not training or competing when hurt or not adequately recovered from an injury
    • Elements and importance of an Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
    • Concussion recognition, management, and return to play
    • Differences between coaching boys and girls
      Develop, implement and rehearse an emergency action plan (EAP) that includes
    • An automated external defibrillator (AED) on site
    • Annual distribution and review of the written EAP
    • Sport concussion education consistent with guidelines of the current state law
    • Evacuation procedures
    Have our coaches read and distribute the NYSHSI Parent Pledge to all parents to read with their kids and sign – see Youth Sports Parent Pledge