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  • Posted 6 years, 1 month ago in 2010
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  • Playing sports increases the risk for reoccurring injuries including concussions, and the consequences of a concussion can be significant and permanent...
    Posted 6 years, 1 month ago in 2010

The National Youth Sports Health & Safety Institute is dedicated to being the recognized leader and advocate for advancing and disseminating the latest research and evidence-based education, recommendations and policy to enhance the experience, development, health and safety of our youth in sports. “Making Youth Sports a Public Health Solution” (SM)


Public: We Value Youth Sports Health and Safety

Public opinion survey reveals importance of youth sports and need for more to be done to ensure safety

An overwhelming majority of Americans call for more ways to guard against health and safety risks in youth athletes according to a new Kelton Research survey. The ACSM Youth Athletics Survey of 1,000 adults was conducted in 2011 using an email invitation and online survey.


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The responsibility for encouraging and implementing a healthier and sustainable pathway to athletic success falls on the shoulders of all stakeholders in youth sports – especially PARENTS. Commit to fulfilling these 10 elements of support to help ensure your child has the best youth sports experience possible.

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